The Role of Virtual Tours in Selling Your Ultra-Luxury Property

The Role of Virtual Tours in Selling Your Ultra-Luxury Property

Luxury home buyers don’t always search for homes through traditional means, with many avoiding the standard online home search in favor of a more personal approach. These buyers prefer a closer look at the property before committing to an in-person showing. Virtual tours are a popular way of marketing luxury homes, offering a variety of conveniences and perks perfect for both buyers and sellers. Read on to discover why selling ultra-luxury property with virtual tours can be beneficial, and get the tips you need to start planning your real estate virtual tour.

How Do Virtual Home Tours Work?

Video has been a popular medium in real estate for decades, with many realtors opting to post short video clips with their listings or to share on their social media pages. Virtual tours have risen in popularity over the past several years. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when many buyers couldn’t see homes in person due to safety concerns, virtual tours offered an immersive way to virtually discover properties.
Virtual tours differ from listing videos. Virtual tours are paced walk-throughs through the property, exploring each room and feature and any outdoor spaces or outbuildings. Listing videos are shorter clips typically used to gauge interest in a home or give interested buyers a “sneak peek” at what lies inside. Virtual home tours are much more time-intensive than listing videos and can take a while to plan and produce. However, they can often make or break a deal, especially for buyers who can’t visit a home in person or are on a tight schedule to make an offer and buy a property.

Equipment for Virtual Home Tours

Virtual tours should be relatively inexpensive to make, but depending on the level of quality you wish to put into the video, they could require some specialized equipment. While you can film the video using your smartphone, many buyers prefer letting their realtors handle this process. Your realtor is likely experienced at filming and packing virtual home tours and will know how to plan the walkthrough so it flows well for the viewer.

What to Know About Virtual Staging

There are a lot of factors that go into creating virtual home tours. They can be as simple or ornate as you wish to make them. Consider virtual staging when you want a virtual tour to show off your ultra-luxury property and up the ante on appeal. Virtual staging can be done to accompany traditional staging or on its own. It provides simulated images of a property laid out with specialized decor and design elements.
Virtual staging enhances the appearance of a space without the effort and coordination of on-site staging. Virtual staging is an excellent option for sellers on a tight timeline or who want to try out the latest real estate marketing technology. There are a variety of apps and software that can be used for virtual staging. Talk to your realtor about which one might be best for your property.

Why Virtual Tours Can Be Beneficial for Selling Ultra-Luxury Homes

Virtual tours can be helpful in selling any property. However, they lend themselves particularly well to the exclusive luxury home market. Ultra-luxury homes often come equipped with features that translate better on video than in photographs. These homes might also be listed privately, available to buyers only through connections with their real estate agent. In cases like this, a virtual tour can be the best way to get an up-close look at the home before making an offer.

Tips for Professional Virtual Tours

Once you’ve decided that a virtual tour is right for your home, talk to your realtor about what the tour should look like and how it will be presented to potential buyers. Remember these guiding tips as you prepare for your home’s virtual tour:

Plan the Tour Beforehand

Whether or not you’ve decided to use virtual staging, the home must be cleaned and prepared properly before the tour is filmed. Hire a cleaning company, if you haven’t already, to come in and thoroughly clean the home. Work on depersonalizing the home by removing photographs or personal possessions from the walls or shelves. Ideally, you’ll want your buyers to envision themselves in the property from the start.

Keep Your Ideal Buyers’ Wants in Mind

Most ultra-luxury home sellers develop a picture of their ideal buyer, the type of person most likely to buy your home. During the virtual tour, keep that person’s likely wants and needs in mind. For instance, if your ideal buyer has young children, ensure the virtual tour captures comprehensive footage of children’s bedrooms and any particularly appealing family areas.

Avoid Gimmicks

Creativity can be helpful in your marketing efforts, but many luxury home buyers want to avoid seeing gimmicks or sales tricks. Many video tours include soft music in the background, and while this can be helpful to the buyer, other special effects can be distracting. Keep your focus on showcasing the property while keeping any video special effects to a minimum, and you’ll be more likely to reach your ideal buyer.

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